At Great Cuts, our employees know how to execute a variety of affordable waxing procedures to make life easier for customers in the Santa Rosa, CA area.

We are conveniently located in a shopping center near the Boot Barn. Body waxing usually takes a standard amount of time. Our waxing staff will inform every customer how long the procedure will take.

Men come to us for body waxing to remove hair from the back, ears, chest, legs, and other preferred areas. Women usually come to us for body hair waxing that removes unwanted facial hair. Leg waxing and bikini waxing are also always popular.

We use the most gentle waxing products available on the market. Our waxing specialists take great care in making the entire experience as discreet, safe, and comfortable as possible.

Great Cuts is known for providing high quality waxing services at affordable prices.
Schedule an appointment by calling our hair salon sooner than later. Privacy, discretion, and satisfaction are guaranteed.